Paper Goods

2 ply ‘ V’ fold  hand towels  - 3200 in a box

2 ply means good quality drying power

The V fold ensures that only ONE towel is pulled at a time and not FOUR meaning less wastage of  unused towels in your bins

V Fold Hand Towels

Ideal for larger working establishments i.e factories where there may be 24 /7 production and you don’t want it to run out !!

Good quality paper – we buy pulp paper products not recycled - which provides more sheets per roll and a better quality.

Mini & Jumbo Rolls

Centre Feed Rolls

Made from Virgin paper not recycled to give a better quality and more sheets to a roll.

Weigh them and see !

Center Reed Rolls

Luxury Toilet rolls 

40 rolls to a pack.

Top quality 3 ply paper at 0.39pence a roll

For a little bit of luxury in the offices.

Luxury Toilet rolls 

Square Toilet Paper

Compact toilet dispenser for small areas and sheets taken not ‘reams’ of toilet tissue.

A dispenser keeps the tissue germ free

Ideal for Schools , Children’s playgroup / play gyms , old peoples homes, offices and small work places

Square Toilet Paper

Spill pads

Made for the engineering trade from Cars to Trains the workers love them.

Spill Pads